Racket Luxury MP10


The best players in the World Padel Tour era, the Sánchez Alayeto Sisters (“Gemelas Atómikas”), already have their own rackets. This is how MP10 LUXURY, Mapi Sánchez Alayeto’s racket, was born. A low balance round-format racket that surprises in laboratory tests for its high strength and potential. The combination of 3K carbon fibre and HR3 core makes the MP10 LUXURY a manageable and fast padel racket from the back of the court, but that reveals its full potential in the game near the net.

Additionally, it incorporates the AVS lateral anti-vibration system and faces with rough finish to facilitate spin.

All this in a padel racket with spectacular design that combines carbon with details in aquamarine blue, bearing the twisted NOX logo.

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