Racket WPT Nexo


The NEXO World Padel Tour 2021 Edition is the latest addition to the World Padel Tour Luxury family. With a fully round, low balance format it’s impressive for its agility and manageability. But don’t be fooled: although it will delight players looking for precision and control, it has the character, ball output and power of its TEMPO and NERBO range partners.

It includes the new Multilayered Black Eva core, an evolution of the Multilayered Core that, along with 12K carbon faces, allows for optimal distribution of the power generated by hitting both low-speed and power shots, improving your performance in the game.

In the NEXO World Padel Tour 2021 Edition we have spoiled you with the smallest of details: rough surfaces to maximise effects, lateral anti-vibrators incorporated into the structure of the racket and a careful design of the core.